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This  online course is for anyone who wants to explore creating books or zines. The course is suitable for beginners who have never played with printing or binding and for professionals who want to explore more. The course can be taken from anywhere in the world and the exercises can be completed whenever you feel creative and have free time.Below you can find details about the course and reviews of past participants in my Online Courses. 



- The course will be in English
- You will learn about printing, the choice of paper and different binding methods
- You will learn how to choose a series of photographs for your creation
- You will learn how to engage your viewer / how to make your book unique
- You will receive 5 project exercises which will create your book step by step
- You will be part of a group chat where you can share, ask and get inspired with other participants of your course (I will be online one hour a day to respond to questions) 
- Your group will have a maximum of 15 participants so there is no fear of sharing, creating and inspiring in your group chat


*You do not need Indesign, a big budget or a printer in order to do this course

**You do not need a lot of time and you do not have to be available a certain time or day in order to do this course 

****You do not need a complete series of photographs, you can still take photographs during the course

***Your artwork does not have to be photographs, you could enter this course to create not a photography book but an art book



Please don't forget to write down your email address in the comment box. Once the waiting list is full, you will receive an email to sign up to the next online course. 


I can't wait to receive your email address!


Eva xx





"Learning from the others, from the people you find inspiring, is the key. And that's what I found the most interesting in the course. Understanding how ideas pop into one of your favorite photographer's mind, discovering the personal universe of many talented people you didn't know before, meeting with new individuals, chatting and sharing thoughts on various topics directly or indirectly linked to analogue photography... Being in a group and having Eva to stimulate our mind was a beautiful experience."

Florian Fernandez (France) about the 35mm analogue photography online course


"My favourite aspects were for sure the research exercises. I definitely felt that the course reminded me how much I love brainstorming/ organising shoots and showed me new aspects when it comes to finding my inspiration. I feel confident applying my knowledge I learned on this course to real life client shoots. Eva was also very attentive in the group chat and replied to all messages.

I most definitely want to do all my projects on film now and I for sure would recommend the online course."

Maya David (Bali, Indonesia) about the 35mm analogue photography online course


"Eva’s course was the first one I have ever done on analogue photography and I honestly loved it :) It was very inspiring and natural. I really liked the exercises - they made me experiment and gave me a boost of creativity I much needed, being very doable no matter your level of experience with analogue photography. I especially enjoyed being part of a small group of people who just want to help each other! Eva was always really helpful and answering our questions daily, even if not related to the course."

Gemma Estadella Colomé (Spain) about the 35mm analogue photography online course


"The exercises Eva Abeling sent to us, helped me a lot to unlock my creativity and to experiment without fear. All of her exercises gave me a lot of inspiration and I can't wait put all the inspiration techniques I learned in the course into practice for my future projects. 

Eva was very attentive to answer our questions in the group chat. I found it very interesting to be in a group with other people who have the same interests, to discover new awesome accounts and to see the inspiring work that other participants of the course create. 

I would definitely recommend this online course to someone who's interested in photography and wants to increase their creativity."

-Belinda Beltrán (Spain) about the 35mm analogue photography online course


"The course was amazing. I learnt a lot since technical aspects of analogue cameras to creative process or inspiration.

I enjoyed it a lot and woke up every morning happy and anxious to create whatever related with the ‘homework’ of the day. Also it was really inspiring so now I want to create more and more and practice analogue as much as I can!

Thanks Eva, it was gorgeous!!!"

-Claire (Spain) about the 35mm analogue photography online course

Create your Photography Book - 35mm Analogue Photography Online Course