This Unisex Sweatshirt is available in the sizes S, M and L. It has been designed and printed with a lot of care and love in Barcelona.



Unisex Sweathsirt 

Digital Printing


80% cotton, 20% polyester



Text on the front of the Sweatshirt:

"Let us see how the clouds move tonight"


Photograph on the back of the Sweatshirt:

An analogue photograph which was taken on a 35mm camera with a Black and White film. This film was developed and scanned and then printed on each Sweatshirt with a Digital Printer in Barcelona. 



I always try to create my products as sustainable as possible. I try to find 100% fair-trade cotton or silk products. I use recycled paper for my prints as much as possible. I also try to print everything myself or at local printing services. 

All of your orders will be packed by me and come with a personal handwritten note to thank you for your support and making future projects possible. 


Cloud Sweatshirt