This 35mm analogue photography online course is for anyone who wants to explore analogue photography. The course is suitable for beginners who have never played with photography and for professionals who want to explore more. 


The duration of the course is one month. From the 29.03.20 until the 29.04.20


- The course will be in English
- You will learn the basics of 35mm analogue cameras, lenses and films
- You will learn how to unload and load your camera
- You will learn the basics of developing and scanning 
- You will learn how to control and use exposure settings to your advantage
- You will get 5 exercises to explore different ways of getting inspiration for new projects 
- You will receive 5 project exercises to get out, shoot and create 
- You will be part of a group chat where you can share, ask and get inspired with other participants of your course (I will be online one hour a day to respond to questions) 
- Your group will have a maximum of 15 participants so there is no fear of sharing, creating and inspiring in your group chat


Once you have made the payment, you will receive a confirmation. Don’t forget to enter your phone number when you sign up and download Telegram Messenger in time for the course to be part of the group chat. 


I can't wait to send you your confirmation, get to know you and create with you!


Eva xx

Analogue photography online course