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For beginners and professionals who would like to learn about analog photography in a four week online course.


Foy anyone who is new to analog photography and would like to start learning

about 35mm cameras right away.


For anyone who would like to explore a specific topic in analog photography in a

1:1 zoom session with Eva Abeling.


A monthly membership to receive behind the scenes videos, unpublished work, audios, the editing process, contact sheets, ...

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"The course was amazing. I learnt a lot since technical aspects of analogue cameras to creative process or inspiration.

I enjoyed it a lot and woke up every morning happy and anxious to create whatever related with the ‘homework’ of the day. Also it was really inspiring so now I want to create more and more and practice analogue as much as I can!

Thanks Eva, it was gorgeous!!!"

-Claire (Art History Student, Spain) about the 35mm analogue photography online course

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"The exercises Eva sent to us, helped me a lot to unlock my creativity and to experiment without fear. All of her exercises gave me a lot of inspiration and I can't wait put all the inspiration techniques I learned in the course into practice for my future projects. 

Eva was very attentive to answer our questions in the group chat. I found it very interesting to be in a group with other people who have the same interests, to discover new awesome accounts and to see the inspiring work that other participants of the course create. 

I would definitely recommend this online course to someone who's interested in photography and wants to increase their creativity."

Belinda Beltrán (Spain) about the 35mm Analog Photography Online Course

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