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Currently in Barcelona. 
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Booking your shoot with Eva Abeling is currently only available for women

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"Eva Abeling is one of my favorite photographers to work with. She creates a safe space when working together and her pictures are always stunning. It’s rare to come by such an amazing talent and kind soul!"


"I really enjoyed being shot by Eva Abeling, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  I love how she can make a body look like art and I adore the pictures she took of me."


La calidez y la delicadeza que desprende Eva (y sus fotografías) convierten la sesión con ella en una especie de ritual mágico, un lugar seguro donde "desvestirse" y mirarse desde otras lentes. Muy recomendable.   



"Eva Abeling is a gentle soul and working with her is always a pleasure. She is calm and loving, and her photos show this in the most pure form. Shooting with her is really easy, she makes you feel safe and comfortable, and I'm always in love with the results."


"Working with Eva Abeling is always fun and relaxing. her calmness creates a peaceful ambience which reveals the true naturality in me."


"Eva made me feel at home. I was actually surprised by the amount of creative and artistic ideas she had. The results were very satisfying; she really put her soul and passion into photography. Thank you for such an experience!"