Eva Abeling is my name and I am an analogue photographer based in London, Barcelona and Berlin. My photography explores our dreams, nightmares and uniqueness. About how we feel and when we feel it all. About our vulnerability, about being authentic, real, natural. About the different versions of ourselves. Some more powerful and others more vulnerable, loving. I want to capture the most authentic souls and the most original moods, dreams and universes.

 During my shoots I wish to create the most comfortable atmosphere. An atmosphere without fear or unnatural posing.

I believe in working with brands that are conscious about our planet. About our ocean. Anything real.

I only practice analogue photography because with film you value each and every shot you take. You practice patience and trust during the days your films get developed. You desire the moment of pure magic when you can see the results. You fall in love with the colours that only analogue photography can create. 


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Metro Mentorship 2016 

Free Range Solo Show Awards 2016


Grey Street, Barcelona

Mecanic, Barcelona

Wild Lulita, Barcelona


February 2019 

Group Exhibition: Anyone / Anywhere IV: Feelings

Kinfolk 94, Brooklyn, New York 

November 2018

Pop Up Shop

Grey Street, Barcelona 


November 2018

Group Exhibition: Anyone / Anywhere lll: Bodies

The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

April 2018 

Solo Show: Mood Swings

Crea Centre Polivalent, Vila de Gracia, Barcelona

October 2017

Group Show: BedSpread Issue ll

PRSC, Bristol

May 2017

Solo Show: Welcome To My Sunday 
Crea Centre Polivalent, Vila de Gracia, Barcelona

February 2017
Solo Show: Welcome To My Sunday 
The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

Eva Abeling by Alex Franco 

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