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Analog photographer Eva Abeling explores true authentic beauty in her photographic works. The honest and vulnerable moments. Dreams and desires.

Eva Abeling has had exhibitions in New York, London and Barcelona and has been published in various magazines around the globe. Her unique concepts have let to working with exclusive brands in the United States, Australia and all around Europe and her selected online courses and workshops on photography have been joined by hundreds of students from over 30 different countries. 

For any editorial, workshop or portraiture inquiries, please contact


Dada Days



Moss Magazine, Issue 06

Rekt Magazine

Dictionary of Female Feelings

Fisheye Magazine

Revista Mirall



Mauer Magazine, Issue 01



Im Gegenteil

Arte Bruja

Lamono Magazine

Tabi Labo

Curated By Girls

METAL Magazine 

Bedspread Zine, Issue 02

The Ladies Network

The British Journal of Photography

Fisheye Magazine 


Leit & Held, Lingua Planta, Ricari Studio, Imbibe, Wolhide, Noo Paris, Rassa Botanicals, Aniela Parys, Elo, Alchemia, Bare, B The Beachbrand, Talk Under Light, Polka Shoes, Woron Store, Klimbim, Mare Perpetua, The Nude Label



Creating Dream Images 

Masters of Light Retreat, Osa Major, Mallorca (November 2023)

Creating Dream Images 

Dada Days, Mallorca (October, 2023)

Portrait Photography 

Dada Days, Mallorca (July, 2023)


Creating Dream Images 

Dada Days, Mallorca (May, 2023)


Online Class (2020-2022)

35mm Analog Photography 

Online Class (2020-2022)

Nude Photography 

Online Class (2020-2022)

Experimental 35mm Analog Photography 

Online Class (2020-2022)



Group Exhibition: Anyone / Anywhere VI: Rebirth ( New York, 2022 )


Group Exhibition: Anyone / Anywhere V: Pleasure ( Barcelona, 2020 )

Group Exhibition: Anyone / Anywhere IV: Feelings ( New York, 2019 )

Pop Up Shop ( Barcelona, 2018 )

Group Exhibition: Anyone / Anywhere lll: Bodies ( New York, 2018 )

Solo Show: Mood Swings ( Barcelona, 2018 )

Group Show: BedSpread Issue ll ( Bristol, 2017 )

Solo Show: Welcome To My Sunday  ( Barcelona, 2017 )

Solo Show: Welcome To My Sunday ( London, 2017 )

Eva Abeling by Alex Franco 

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